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Daniel Scahill

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Daniel graduated from Wiesbaden High School in Wiesbaden, Germany. While in high school, he participated in Army JROTC, Cross Country, Soccer, Track and Field, and Basketball. He also worked for Stars and Stripes Newspaper and a newspaper delivery boy going house to house in his neighborhood at 6:00 am every week day. 

He originally attended Clemson University for his freshman year in college. During his second semester there, he grew increasingly desirous to attend a better engineering university and to be closer to family. This led to him going to Texas A&M University. 

This semester, he is taking 15 credit hours and is the I 51 Wing Chaplain, Scholastics Officer, and Career Readiness Officer of Ist Wing. He especially likes the role of Chaplain as it allows him to be a huge support to his fellow cadets. Serving as Ist Wing Chaplain, he hopes to build a relationship with all of the outfit Chaplains in Ist Wing that come from outfits: Squadron 3, Squadron 4, Squadron 8, Squadron 11 and Squadron 17. 

He is majoring in Industrial Engineering with a minor in Engineering Project Management. 

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  1. Wonderful. I know it fills your heart to see such fine young people take advantage of this scholarship. Great choice.

  2. I know this makes you pleased, Janet. (I am sure that Bob and Jake are smiling, too.) Hope your heart is happy on this Thanksgiving with your Men. We love you

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