Janet’s the E on the S

Reading Time: 5 minutes

“I need for you to give me a full length photo of yourself,” Carolyn said. 

“I need it for your party.”

A sometime bridge partner, frequent short trip traveling companion, Carolyn gives a great party. Her food is always delicious, her house is creative and festive in decoration, and she knows how to make you feel special. She knows how to make everyone feel special, not just the guest of honor. I admire Carolyn with good reason. I admire her even when she is willing to celebrate my dubious distinction, which in my opinion was the case in this particular instance. She is indefatigable in her warm heartedness and generosity. 

She is also relentless. 

“I NEED you to give me a full length photo now.” The email was the gentlest scolding and classic Carolyn. Not being one to enjoy selfies or self-centered photographs in general, I had tried to out wait her request. She clearly would be brooking no stalling this time. The next day rummaging around in my closet, looking through a closet full of crap clothes, I devised a plan. 

“You have to