It is Well With My Soul

Reading Time: 3 minutes

I think about my Jake all the time. I think about him in heaven. I have since the day he died.

Now the strange thing is when my Dad died some 26 years before, I didn’t do the same thing. I felt sort of an immediate hole in my daily life that used to be filled by him but I didn’t specifically ‘see’ him in Heaven.

I have wondered at that.

Baptists do not have any theology that allows for purgatory as far as I know.

Being the bad Baptist that I am,  that theological lack has not predisposed me to ignore my wondering if Dad might not be in some netherland of afterlife that my senses somehow detected.

Don’t think I have gone around the bend here.

I am well aware that ‘feelings’ are not considered to be the most stable of data points.

However, and that’s a big however, we as people of the 21st century must recognize and start accepting that there are some things that do not make sense and never will. That doesn’t mean they aren’t true.

Love is hardly calculable in any terms that we