And if winter comes…

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can spring be far behind?

The days are already a bit longer.

The earth gently turning, tilting as El Nino does his thing so that currents thousands of miles  away alter jet streams and climate patterns. All across the globe.

For the gulf coast, its been a mild winter,  with rain, too much some time. Today its blustery and cold, reminding me that those inland are not mediated by the dirty, but vital broad span of water just south of me. A lot of my friends and loved ones are watching their yards and gardens rest, blanketed by ice and snow.


Photo credit: D. Cartwright, cousin, Arkansas

So let’s just dream about what comes next.

Because its very certain, that spring will come indeed, the sun will warm the soil and some of you will be itching to get your hands dirty.

I’ve discovered two things:

  1. If you garden, which means you weed, you need to get something called a circle hoe. It’s amazing. A gardener, Ralph Henningsen, i