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Bloomers Is What They Used to Call Them

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“Do you know what we did before there were panties?”

The two men in the back of the truck almost swallowed their tongues. The air was filled with that unique male apprehension caused by the uncertainty of what forbidden topics females might introduce into polite conversation. This despite the coarseness of most male chatter when they are in charge of the conversation.

“Mother,” I said, my hands on the steering wheel but glancing over at her, admitting to myself this was a bit of an unusual subject to bring up on our way to the farm with her son-in law and grandson now firmly inattentive to their smart phones, immersed in hoping that somehow that comment was going to evaporate and end. “Remember Bob and John are with us. Is this going to be appropriate in mixed company?” I had  no time to write this on her white board. I pretty much yelled it at her.

“No really,’ she continued, clearly having heard at least the jist of what I’d said and reassu