I Have a Little Hearing Problem

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Up until about an hour ago I knew very little of the genetics of deafness or hard of hearing issues.

I figured it was just the product of simple wear and tear of use, over time, involving the exquisite machinery that makes it possible for us to hear. An inevitable process of getting older. I did have a niggling doubt that there might be something wrong with that logic becauseĀ  not everyone loses their hearing as they get older.

So I went down the rabbit hole of hearing loss with Google.

Loss of hearing is complicated, a mix of environment and genetics, plus, like I said, that whole complex structure that resides in side your ear. There are lots of things that can go wrong. I am surprised they don’t more often, but then that is the beauty of our bodies and the way God made them.

Consider the following, my public service announcement for the week.

There is evidence that certain changes in your DNA that you were born with can affect your chances of becoming hard of hearing!


It turns out that in a particular area of your DNA, your body codes for a very special protein with a very fancy, descriptive name: glutamate metabotropic receptor. This