The Sewer Saga Revisited

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Remember this?

Sometimes the things we try just don’t work.

Despite all of the efforts, Mother’s sewer remained backed up. It only took about 36 hours for everything to quit flowing. Completely.

Giving her credit, she wasn’t even going to tell me.


That wasn’t going to work very long. We are from Arkansas, but please, indoor plumbing should be indoor plumbing.

Brother Neil fortuitously called me right after I had been up to her apartment to see how bad things were.

“Jan, I’m really sorry I wasn’t there to help you. You want a suggestion?”

We are old friends along with being siblings. Which means we have respect for each other and we respect each other, if you know what I mean.

“Yes.” I am sure he heard the defeat in my voice.

I was thinking about how many times the old, bad, cheap plumbing had gone south in our childhood home. When I left, my father accused me of stopping it up everything I came for a visit.


I know it was his frustration talking.

Your mind goes to desperate measures when you have backed up