A Turtle in The Road

Reading Time: 3 minutes

I’d just picked up Mother from her daily very local shopping trip. About four times each year she has bouts of car sickness. This was one of them.

She was giving into it with all her tiny little body could give it.

Which means she looked like she was clinging just this side of the pearly gates.

“Hurry up and get home,” she managed to mumble through her self enforced burps.

Five minutes away and at the four way stop just entering the neighborhood, a cable guy’s truck was smack dab in the middle of the intersection. The tall, lithe, thirty something driver was exiting his driver side door.

“Go around him,’ Mother said, from underneath her half closed eyelids.

Just as I was doing as she bid, I saw what was happening.

The driver had walked over to within about 2 feet of one the biggest turtles I’ve seen in a while. She was at least a foot from the long end of her shell to the other long end.

I thought she might be dead.

All of her was tucked into her shell.

As the cable guy went over and tapped her, he looked at me and shrugged. (I had stopped my car by this time and we were now blocking the ent