BetterCall Saul


Better Call Saul

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I’ve read the reviews on Better Call Saul.

It’s a quirky, one hour long, mostly dark, part comedy television series that is a spin off of Breaking Bad, which I never watched. I am alright with some darkness in my entertainment, but a dying chemistry teacher who is a meth dealer makes me uncomfortable from the synopsis. It’s hard to imagine that I would have resorted to being a drug dealer given only a few years left on earth. If I’d had to choose something horrible to reconcile something horrible, I’d more likely have turned to prostitution. Granted there is a shelf life on that solution whereas I guess you could always be a meth dealer no matter your age or state of body. (Might as well go there while we are considering the depths of depravity.)

Either solution is beyond me honestly.

But let’s face it, it’s these bits of cinematic, reoccurring entertainments into dark comedy and drama that make you think. Are you able to like a character and put yourself in that character (which is what we do), and provide pecuniary reason for shows  to exist and continue if you a