Strawberry Cake 2


Your Grandmother’s Strawberry Cake

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Three strawberry cake recipes and one of them is bound to be the one your Grandmother used! I have made all of these and love them all. None better than the other, its just a matter of what I have in my pantry and what I am in the mood to bake which one I bake.

But let me tell you while the summer is almost here, make this cake for the ones you love.

I have posted two before:

1. One is the most homemade and somewhat difficult. Go here.

2. One which makes a good layer cake or a wonderful sheet cake is here and is an easier homemade version. Go here.

3. And then one made with a cake mix, which is truly delicious.

* 1 package French vanilla cake mix
* 1 package (3 oz) box strawberry-flavoring instant gelatin
* 1 cup vegetable oil
* 3 eggs
* 1/4 cup water
* 3/4 cup mashed strawberries
* .
* Strawberry Icing
* 1/2 cup butter
* 1/4 cup mashed strawberries
* 7 cups powdered sugar

Combine cake mix and gelatin powder in a large bowl. Beat in oil, eggs, water, and strawberries. Pour into 2 9-inch round greased and floured cake pans. Bake in a 350 degree oven for 30 minutes, until a