Janet’s Movie Review

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Yes, I was one of those who fell in love with Captain Kirk when Star Trek was a very bad, low tech sci fi series on television.

For some reason, my Dad hated this and was constantly trying to rid me of the infatuation.

He didn’t manage. In other words, I remain to this day, enamored with those who are of the Captain Kirk ilk as well as science fiction movies that take you to other worlds.

So, I watched “Guardians of the Galaxy” on a tiny airplane, back of the seat, monitor that was so dim, even adjusting the little button with the bright sun indicating brightness didn’t work.

It didn’t matter.

I fell in love again.

With Chris Pratt. Or rather his on screen persona, the interstellar adventurer, Peter Quill.

Apparently you can be old and still become enamored with the bad boy who is really good, saves the day, is definitely in touch with his feminine side because he’s a white boy who dances to old 70’s music, his long cowboy-like coat swirling about his long legs in a cave on some far away planet in the opening scene, because he was abducted by aliens in the 70’s, like everybody was.

Oh yeah.

I think there is a beautiful, young love interest as well.

Just see the movie.

Besides hunky Peter, it’s good fun.

It’s everything good about science fiction stories.

Merry Christmas.