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Transformers Hit Brenham

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Over the summer, with trees down across fences, we accumulated quite a bit of barbed and hog wire debris. We also managed to change out a bathtub as well as a replace a defunct upright freezer. The old Ford F 450 was loaded down with crap. Literally, metal crap.

If you really want to help the environment, you have to have a good accounting system. I had no idea if the diesel I was expending to get to my favorite recycle center in Brenham provided a balanced let alone a positive ledger for what I was offering to the used metal repertoire. But somewhere in my soul I felt good about doing it rather than it all landing in a landfill.

Mother as my companion and the three dogs in the crew cab, we headed out.

It was mid morning as I pulled onto the scale. As I rolled down the window, I could smell the iron in the air. It was mixed with fuel and transmission fluid, coolant and grease.

I like putting that big heavy truck on a scale that can weigh out tens of tons. She wiggled a bit as the scale settled and metered to 10,960 lbs.

I backed into the bay where huge mounds of old autos, bicycles, and a thousand varied products made of rusty iron were heaped. One of the workers told me I had gone far enough into the bay. As I jumped out of the cab, I looked back and quickly grabbed my phone out of the door where I had stored it.

It was quite a scene.FullSizeRender2

It gets better.

Before they started unloading my trash, they did this:

And they unloaded my truck while that machine turned that automobile that was just fed into it, in to a block of compressed scrap metal.

Did you see how delicately that claw was maneuvered?! Fascinating.

And then this happened:

So freaking cool. You can see where the SG guys got the ideas for all the transformers. And for Aliens when Sigourney gets into that machine thing.

The guy in the crane showed us, didn’t he. I admired him.

At the end of it all, when we finally left, we pulled the old girl back upon to the scale and being a little more than 600 lbs lighter, the cash office handed me this.


I love recycling.


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