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I had a new friend email this morning.

She lives in another city. She is getting ready for trial and was relating a dream she had.

She dreamed a quite random set of events bound by an equally random (sort of) list of characters who played various roles in her dream wherein the particulars are not likely to ever be found in real life.

You know what I am talking about, don’t you.

It was her subconscious performing all these shenanigans and she knew I would appreciate both the randomness that the dream seemed to hinge upon and  the subconscious detail that provoked it. She also knew I would enjoy hearing from her.

I am quite enamored by all of this.

In our waking days and our sleeping nights, we are constantly, subconsciously, and with intuitive understanding, making connections.

I do this a lot when I am driving. Which I did a whole lot this week.

And I took pictures.


I always wondered how they got the street view pictures for Google maps. I am wondering where they