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I had a new friend email this morning.

She lives in another city. She is getting ready for trial and was relating a dream she had.

She dreamed a quite random set of events bound by an equally random (sort of) list of characters who played various roles in her dream wherein the particulars are not likely to ever be found in real life.

You know what I am talking about, don’t you.

It was her subconscious performing all these shenanigans and she knew I would appreciate both the randomness that the dream seemed to hinge upon and  the subconscious detail that provoked it. She also knew I would enjoy hearing from her.

I am quite enamored by all of this.

In our waking days and our sleeping nights, we are constantly, subconsciously, and with intuitive understanding, making connections.

I do this a lot when I am driving. Which I did a whole lot this week.

And I took pictures.


I always wondered how they got the street view pictures for Google maps. I am wondering where they post openings for this job.

PrayingMantisI saw this praying mantis while at my favorite library (LTL), noticing about 6 inches away from it was this

DrgaonflyI think they had a war and neither won.

On Thursday, I checked the farm and noticed that the Four O’clocks that S and J gave me a couple of weeks ago are already blooming.

FouroclocksS had told me how lovely they smell, when this old timey flower blooms in the afternoon and their scent filters through the air when you brush past them. I can hardly wait for that. I suspect there will be a weekend or two when that happens in my future.

I think their is a value in randomness, maybe even beyond providing fodder for dreams. Or pictures for a post. Just take for instance that years ago, almost 8 now, a friend of my Jake’s told me he was the king of it and then preceded to relate a collaborating story. I often take out that transferred memory of my oldest son and the person who shared it.

My friends dream, silly in it’s randomness, made her want to share it with me, make contact with me.

As I went through my week, busy as it was, filled with things I wanted to do and things I didn’t, things I needed to do and things I never got done, one of the most important things I could have done is make contact. When I took the pictures above, each one made me think of lots of people who I hold in my heart

We are people made for relationships. We are made for interaction.

Even if sometimes, the only way we do is through a post about randomness.

You might be surprised at how many of you who I know who read this, are people I pray for, those who cross my mind during the 10,800 minutes that make up my week.

If that happens in a single, feeble, human’s consciousness (and subconscious), think how much the Creator considers each of us.

I hope today you feel how much so many of you have meant to me. I pray you know that God cares more than I do.




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  1. Whenever I have the rare opportunity to remember my dreams, always in black and white, I am amazed at the cacophony of randomness in often a simple rendition of life. Now I can say that my brilliant friend has taught me how to make wonderful use of life’s little subconscious blips of randomness. Love you.

    An honor to pray for you,
    The Experiment

  2. Janet, you were missed at pokeno. One of the topics discussed was people’s dreams and the randomness of thoughts that were remembered and what significance they mean if any. I would have liked to hear your opinion. I enjoyed “Christianity on Trial” and was hoping to discuss it with you. Hope to see you next month at Morrisons.

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