A Brother’s Love

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“I read a story today that reminded me of you,” said brother Neil.

He’s talking to me on his iPhone as we do our almost daily check in of each other.

“Yeah?” I say back.

“Yeah, its about your armpits,” he says, the smile in his voice transmitted. He’s planning on enjoying this.

That’s the thing with all of this data retrieval at our finger pits.

You can ponder and send to your sister, articles that give you the opportunity to look like they are appealing to her love of biology and all things science while aggravating her about her natural inclination to sweat and provide fertile ground for armpit microbiota.

“Check out ‘True Confessions of a Smelly Girl'”, he says, now his smile spreading from ear to ear, clearly the case, even if the only place I can see it through a smart phone is in my mind’s eye.

The article he sends me is about a girl with hyperhidrosis. Which I don’t have but feel compassion for because I did get my Dad’s genes in the sweating department. My brother thinks he didn’t acquire these in our shared genetic lottery, which seems to me is all a matter of perspective.

Everyone thinks they don’t stink as bad as someone else.

“Check out this one too,” he says, absolute glee in his voice now. The website is”a science communication platform where scientific research about armpit microbiology in relation to body odour, in a broad sense, is made available to the public“.

I will NEVER admit that this was a very informative, interesting, and yes, cleverly done website that includes a fabulous Ted talk on the subject. I am not alone in the universe of armpit microbiology concerns.

“You will notice there is nothing on the websites about your crazy deoderant-free-weekends idea, Jan”, he shoves into the final bit of conversation which he can feel I am getting ready to end. There is absolutely no reason to discount the wisdom of letting the glands and pores particular to underarms the chance for freedom from aluminum and sweat inhibiting chemistry every once in a while.
We talk a tiny bit more, I tell him I love him, he says the same, which we always say and mean.

I lift my arm, you like we all do, above my head, swiveling my head, nose pointed towards my rotated shoulder.

Dear me.

Does anyone know of any good websites that discuss in aggravating detail, the issues with flatulence and smell potency? I believe in an eye for an eye.







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