Hey Jake!

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Just a note from this side of Heaven on your birthday.

To tell you I love you.

I’m still trying to do something with your things. I am so sentimental. (Not like you weren’t the same when you were here. That’s part of the problem!! I still have the crap you were sentimental about.) I know that these earthly things have nothing important to them, but still. Don’t worry, son, despite the fact that they are the representation of your life here, I know things in my heart that last far longer and have more substance to them. I can’t wait to see you again. Well, I can wait, I am not quite ready to die if given my own choice, I have some things I think I need to do, but I am looking forward to eternity!

We are redoing a lot of this old house, your brothers have helped us a lot. Both John and Josh seem to know how to do so many things. I am grateful that they are smarter and quicker than me. Every room we redo and change, there are images that come into my mind at different rooms at different times in your life, that you have occupied in this old house. By the way, the mess is driving your Grandmother crazy. She and I talk about you all