Ants with Chips

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We’ve been getting our tennis in right after the sun comes up. Its too hot otherwise.

Four of us are out there, water bottles in hand with the guys who are busy getting rid of the last night’s leaves and debris.

Once we got on the court this morning, I don’t remember if it was M or L or C that noticed the ant trail, but it transfixed all of us.

Remember that kid that’s out in the middle of right field or down by the goalie who is always finding something on the ground more interesting than the game?

That was us this morning.

Apparently, the ants traveled up and in the trash can at the end of the courts, taking little bits of whatever was there. This morning it was bits of corn chips.

And then they began the long trek across two tennis courts to the ant hills along the pine tree lined grass. A bee line to their storehouse.

It was amazing.

Talk about partnership.

And if you watch closely, I think there is a supervisor.


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