Blankets or Covers

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If you’ve never been to Iceland, you should go.

I would not have thought it was as interesting as it is.

Besides the fact that you can literally stand on two separate continental plates (which is the reason Iceland as a land mass isĀ  growing centimeters a year), there are other things about the country that make you stop and think.

I’d probably kill myself if I lived there in the winter. It’s dark almost all day. But, just like all things the good side of that is that in the summer, it doesn’t get dark, which I like a lot.

There aren’t many people that live in Iceland, roughly the same number that live in Arkansas and Arkansas isn’t the most densely populated region. However, because of that, in my opinion, you don’t have to have such exquisite control the activity of a lot of people.Either that or Icelanders are way smarter than other people. For instance, people can camp just about anywhere. They probably expect that you will not be stupid enough to camp on the glacier or too near a hot pot where geothermal activity is showing itself.

There is one place where they keep exquisite control. You are going to be surprised. It’s their official language. The only words that you should write