Things That We Should Do Everyday

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I am fascinated with brain chemistry.  If you ascribe to the philosophy that all we are is brain chemistry (there is nothing supernatural or soul-ish about us), then I guess you would attribute our differences, the personality that makes us each who we are, to the shaping of experiences through our lives. But I have to tell you. That doesn’t answer quite enough of the majesty of humanness, if you ask me. For me, there is much, much more to us than mere chemical synapses.

But, there is no getting around it, brain chemistry, just it alone, is incredible.

We’ve already talked about ‘brain washing‘. (As an insomniac, I now take a secret pleasure when I know I have spent enough time sleeping to have washed the chemicals fresh out of my head, starting the day with a clean brain so to speak.)

And then this week, three guys, Liran, Eran, and David from Hebrew University published a  p