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The MS 150

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Decades ago, my oldest son, when he was a young teen, rode in the MS 150. I remember going with he and his Dad the morning of the race.

It was awe inspiring.

My youngest had to be only about 6.

And this year, that youngest will ride.

He’s been taking training runs.

He’s been up and down the hills around the farm and the prairies off I-10.

He will ride in honor of Ann.

In her own words:

“The MS 150 is epic–an amazing act of love as I have ever felt. It’s crushing to hear the words “You have MS,” but I can say in all honesty that through that difficult diagnosis, many blessings have flowed.  On the way home from that diagnosis, I shed some tears, but decided right then that I was going to trust the Lord with this.  I knew He wouldn’t let MS interfere with His purpose for my life (which sometimes is different from my purpose for my life.)  Not only has this disease strengthened my faith, it has allowed me to be the recipient of amazing acts of love and generosity from both family and friends.  The MS 150 is the single greatest example.  It’s a physical feat that is daunting, and the fact that it is repeated by 15,000 riders doesn’t diminish the extraordinary accomplishment of each one.  The MS 150 raises funds in proportions that it are actually changing the course of this disease.  It gives hope to all of us challenged with MS.  I am profoundly grateful to Josh for riding in my honor and to all those who support it.”

She is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.

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You can support the MS150 here.

God bless the bike riders of the 2014 MS150 and all those they hold in their hearts.



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