Merry Christmas

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Every year at this time, every denomination that holds to Christmas tradition, has a play of some sort, a concert at least, centered around the reenactment of an event that happened 2000 years ago.

You know, Christ’s birth.

To illustrate the occasion (which in essence details the sacrifice of an innocent man who claimed to be God’s son), stories are usually told of loss and greed and disappointment ending happily with reconciliation, hearts full of gratitude, and love abounding.

The idea is to connect you to the reality of Christ.

The underpinning is grace. (In case that word confuses, it means ‘being favored for no reason’. In other words this is not about fairness, this is just about forever love without reason).

I don’t know how much difference the stories make in the long run. Perhaps they prove hope, even in the light of reality. Life, untidy and unpredictable, is just beyond the exit door of the song filled, Christmas lighted auditorium or church. Hope springs eternal though, you know. Given that the Hallmark channel is still producing such stories, increasingly sappy ones, we are a people who wish for