I Believe In Breakfast

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I have a friend named Becky.

Becky and I couldn’t be more different than any two people. But we love each other.

I think we love each other because we are so different.

What I love about Becky is that she is always figuring out something new to do.

Like the time we stayed at the River Oaks Lodge outside of Ingram, Texas. I don’t think there’s any such place anymore. But back when, they provided a nice, comfy bed and breakfast every morning.

The caretaker made granola.

Of all the things there were to eat, and there were some amazing dishes, it’s that granola I ate.

I hadn’t made any in a while and something got me to remembering about it.

So I made it this past week.

I believe in breakfast.

You should make this.


And serve it with this: