Brain Washing, The Good Kind

Reading Time: 2 minutes

“You do know when you travel internationally, your kidneys have the harder time getting into the right time zone,” Hugh said.

I looked at him and wanted to tease him for such a ridiculous idea.

But I couldn’t

He finished, “Yeah, haven’t you ever noticed that?”

And of course it was obvious now that he mentioned it.

It was simple to observe. Unless you have prostate issues or are pregnant, which I can I definitively respond negatively to both conditions for my part, your kidneys sort of ‘shut down’ at night. Hence, when traveling multiple time zones over short periods of time, your kidneys among other organs, become confused.

They do this because of two things: circadian rhythm (which I think is so sexy I am surprised they don’t have a sitcom about it) and environmental clues (ie, well… you know what those are.)

Circadian rhythm is your  internal, roughly 24 hour clock that your body, racoons, elephants, coconut trees, and ocean bacteria all have and in the case of humans and things with similar brain