Damn Fire Ants

Reading Time: 4 minutes

I think the fire ants are the worst they have ever been.

They ate my okra plants this year.


I don’t mean they just ate my okra plants. They ate the first pods that came out, then in their impatience they ate every blossom as it bloomed, finally munching the leaves until nothing was left but the stalk. I think they would have eaten that if Silent Bob hadn’t pulled the stalks out of the ground and threw them in the compost pile.

They might be over there finishing them off.

They don’t even bother to make mounds in the garden. The entire thing is one big ant farm.

They like my friable garden dirt and the water they get on a regular basis.

Damn fire ants.

And then there was last Wednesday.

Mother and I had gone out to feed my chooks, hoping that when we checked the rain gauge it was going to show that it had at least had sprinkled on the pasture in the last few days.

Walking towards the back hydrant, dust blew up around the fallen pine needles. Not a drop in the gauge. The crispy grass crunched under my feet and I felt the first bite.  I crushed with malice the ant body whose mouth par