The Benefits of a Younger Man

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Nancy has been doing my hair for about 5 years. I still have no idea how old she is. My guess? Somewhere in her late 30’s. She could pass for early 20’s though. Generally, I am very interested in people and I certainly find her intriguing but there are times when I like the solace of not participating in conversation or not being stimulated by other people’s stories.

Like when I am getting my hair done.

I like everything about getting my hair done.  I like the shampoo. I like the foil and I like the cutting. I especially like this when they are massaging my head. Nancy borders on a bit rough in this regard and this also serves to divert my attention. It usually eases whatever headache type I might be sporting and if I don’t have one, it just feels good.

Nancy works at Helen’s. Now there aren’t very many people who go to Helen’s Salon that have my complexion. There are a few but mostly those who come to get there hair done are Vietnamese, both men and woman. Helen’s salon offers other procedures (go here for what happens