Farm Magic

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Mother and I and all the dogs went to the farm on our regular midweek trip. John, middle son and the teacher, came with us.

We had visitors.

I’m thinking about making Wednesdays Farm Visit Wednesday for the summer.

It seems reasonable to share the magic of the place, even in the Texas heat.

Now I’m certain I am not using the word magic right because I sure don’t think we are paranormal out there nor do I think that we intervene in natural laws of things. (I’m a Christian for Heaven’s sake). So while I don’t think there is or ever has been a magic wand, I am inclined to know that peace comes after prayer.

And at the farm, we’ve prayed and for certain, we got  peace.

And we have tomatoes

Remember when I told you about those seeds and seedlings I received mail order and all the hopes of fresh fruit from them? For a reminder, go here.

And take a look.