To Fort Worth and Back with Popcorn in Between

Reading Time: 3 minutes

I’ve made a lot of trips back and forth to Fort Worth.

It’s my brother who lives there and his children.

I’ve gone south to north to visit when I was happy and I’ve gone that way sad.

On that road I’ve hit potholes and destroyed tires and tried fixing them in dark in a pool of mud. I have showered my car with bee wings, colliding quietly with an unlucky swarm,  as they mistakenly maneuvered their insect cyclone onto the interstate. I’ve watched a load of two by fours telescope from the back of a flatbed and spread out like fallen dominoes across the highway in front of me.

But mostly when I make that 4 hour drive while noticing the goings on around me, I think on the people I love.
This past Sunday, Mother and I half way there, the sun shining through my driver’s side window, she gently snoring, her slender hands on her two pups heads, I thought about Jake. He made this trip a month before his death in Colorado, hope flying all over him as we drove his hot shot rig north, bouncing and happy to celebrate his uncle’s