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A little bit short of one week to Eighty!!!

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Dear Paua Deen,

My mother, Doris, is a wonderful cook. She always wanted to be a movie star. She will be eighty on June 11th and for her birthday I’m going to take her to your restaurant. She would like to meet you. We will try to meet you at your book signing. But just in case we don’t get to see you, here she is. On YouTube . She makes the best chicken salad.

Janet, Doris’ Daughter




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  1. What a lovely video! Your momma is the sweetest thing. I believe she needs to be on TV. I am also going to try her recipe, it looks delicious!

  2. Academy Award worthy for best actor. Joi in San Diego agrees. We have seen it a number of times already and wish the birthday girl much happiness and culinary success. Love,
    Rita and Joe

  3. I love it. Doris, you are the best… What a happy video. I want to be invited to eat chicken salad. I’ll bring the sweet tea. 🙂 Tammy

  4. Doris,
    You made my day! I got to work at 5:30 a.m. and got to start my day with your cooking video. I so enjoyed the last one and this one too. You are so precious!

  5. What an unbelievable blessing! 🙂 Thank you so much for making this video, and Janet, you for sharing it with us. Mom Doris, you have brightened all of our days leading up to your birthday……and now we get to enjoy that wonderful chicken salad!! I can’t wait to make it and when I do, I’ll be thinking of you. Hoping that you have the most wonderful birthday ever and know that people all around the world will be sending you birthday wishes! You might still yet be a star on TV, but you’re a star to us already! Ms. Paula, please grant our beloved Doris her birthday wish. We all love her so much!

  6. This is a precious video and sounds like a great recipe!! What a treasure she is to you & your family!!! Paula Deen has nothing on her and she should be honored to meet your mom. Please wish her Happy Birthday from me 🙂

  7. I enjoyed watching your video. The chicken salad sounds like would be delicious, one of my favorite. I do hope you get to be on TV with Paula Deen

  8. So cute! The chicken salad looks so good. I can almost taste it. When I come down again you can make some for me. Minus the red pepper. Remember, I am a sissy when it comes to hot stuff. Also Doris, you keep saying your fingers don’t work. Well after watching you cut that lemon…….I’d say you are lucky you even have fingers. Have a happy birthday. Love you. Judy

  9. There is just one more ingredient to that chicken salad, a whole lot of “love”! HAPPY 80TH BDAY, MAMA HUDDLE!

  10. Oh my goodness… I finally had a minute to watch this (in quiet!)… I am in LOVE with your momma! I want to hug her neck so tight.

    and, I’m not even kidding when I say I am headed to HEB now with my grocery list. I love a good chicken salad but have never attempted on my own. She inspired me. Although, I’d much rather be dining on her homemade version!

    Thanks for the smile!

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