The Night Train by Clyde Edgerton

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Larry Lime (Real name: Larry Lime Beacon of Time Reckoning Breathe on Me Nolan) was a teenager from a small town in North Carolina called Starke. He was one of “those Nolans, the ones with the names”. He wanted to play jazz piano like Thelonious Monk. He had taken a few lessons at the Liberty Day A.M.E. Church, and he could play “What a Friend We Have in Jesus” perfectly. But he wanted it to sound like it did when the Bleeder played it. The Bleeder played guitar regularly on Friday Jazz Night at The Frog.


“The Bleeder started in on something, tapping his heel and playing guitar, and                 on top of it he started singing ‘What a friend we have in Jesus’. Larry Lime had never heard the likes. It didn’t just move up and down; it moved out and back”.


Larry’s friend Dwayne had a five-piece rock and roll band. When he was seventeen years old, he heard James Brown’s album “Live at the Apollo” for the first time. From that time on, he wanted nothing more than to be James Brown.


Larry worked in a furniture refinishing store owned by Mr. Hallston who was Dwayne’s daddy. The two boys were good friends, but their friendship was not encouraged, in fact, it was frowned upon by most of the people in the town. Larry was black, and Dwayne was white. The