James May addresses last week’s article…

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Well not actually… but I have a crush on James and it just seemed so… cosmic with his article on low profile tyres… reposted from Top Gear:

The problem among young women these days, apparently, is the damaging influence of the fashion and modelling businesses. Faced with page after page of doe-eyed streaks of bats’ urine in glossy magazines, they starve themselves into a coma so that they, too, can have the allure of a sexless teenage android.

From this, it’s a small step to an eating disorder and the waste of a young life. It’s a serious matter.

Now, I don’t want to seem fatuous or as if I’m trivialising all this, but I see another issue here, and this time it’s aesthetic. Because I’m quite modern and metrosexual these days, I realise that women don’t necessarily try to look the way they do for the benefit of men, but, even so, as a lesbian tragically born into a man’s body, I can’t help taking an interest in these things.

I’ve just never been very keen on really skinny women because they don’t look very friendly. Comfortable, even. They look like those chairs we had in school assembly and about as robust. I prefer women with what