De Queen and 24 Windows

Reading Time: 4 minutes

My search was unlikely to prove fruitful, 20 or so vintage windows, still intact, identical in build wasn’t likely.

So I thought.

Tempting fate, I optioned my Craig’s list search just a bit farther out from Houston, all the way to southwest Arkansas, and there they were; 24 vintage windows, glass mostly intact, double sashed, cast iron weights to boot, all in craftsman style. The owner told me they were from 1896 when the house she was renovating was built.

Now my idea was to build a screened porch and then I thought it needed to be glassed-in for even more use in our mild Gulf coast winters and that was when I hit upon repurposing old windows.  When the owner told me 150 dollars for them all, including two little ones, I figured it was basically manna from Heaven and I would be in arrears with God should I turn them down.

I was praying Silent Bob would think so too.

We borrowed a 16 foot trailer, stuck it on the back of the farm truck and headed for De Queen.

Turns out De Queen was a good 6 hours from Houston. SB and I watched the landscape change as we traveled roads familiar to us from decades ago, taking our sons to visit relatives who lived all points north. I was in a different place and time then and the thought of how mu