What Janet Did This Past Happy Monday After She Did What She Did on the Previous Wednesday

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By Wednesday, August 24th, roughly 4,000 soldiers, deployed for over 11 months to the middle East, had come through the west door of the basketball arena size tent. The tent, erected in the middle of parade ground, just 100 yards from where the next deploying group would make their exit to the middle East, baked in the hot central Texas sun, on the days since it was erected in well over 100 degree heat. The tent was made comfortable night and day, massive generators turning even more massive air conditioning units, while the exit and entrance of each group of soldiers progressed.

Each soldier brought with them their support group. From all parts of the nation, sometime outside of it, people streamed into the tent, at their appointed time, to spend an allotted 2 hours. Those welcoming mostly stood inside, chancing outside potty can visits, diaper disposal, or a smoke.

On this particular morning, at exactly 8:30am, to blaring rock and roll music, the rear doors opened and cool, billowing stage fog rolled in front of and a