Sleep in peace, in heaven and on earth, my sons: A Memorial Day Tribute

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I watched his little fuzzy head while he slept. As soon as he got some hair, it stood out around his head in a fine halo, like white cotton candy spun stick straight. My first boy, my first born, my Jake, wasn’t a good newborn sleeper. No, that’s not true. I wasn’t a good momma that knew how to let him fuss himself to sleep. It set his pattern certainly for the first several years of his life and my Jake didn’t sleep through the night until he was, well, way past the time to do so. I got a little better with each of them, first John, and then Josh and by the time that tow headed, really white skinned third one came along, I had the feel of when a baby needs to be picked up when you’re trying to get him to sleep and when he needs to bother himself till he gets there.

But no matter how good I got, nothing ever changes about the fact that a momma always keep watch, as those of her heart, sleep. I have lain beside them and soothed their rheumy chests with slathers of mentholatum and watched them ease. I have stood in the doo