Saggin’ Revisited.

Reading Time: 3 minutes

I walked through Wal Mart and there it was again, staring me in the face, a young man’s butt cheeks barely visible beneath the thin pair of boxes he wore. I could see them because while his hand was at his crotch, gathering up the front of his regular britches like a poor kid who didn’t have enough sense to fashion a belt to at least keep his waist band from falling around his knees, the back of his pant bagged well below where his butt cupped into his legs.

I think for the zillionth time, “Why?” (I have opined on this topic before, but this time I am way more strident.)

Let me state for the record, I believe in youth. I think there is both a metaphysical (read spiritual there) and evolutionary reason they are what they are and they do what they do. Despite the fact that their brains are soaked with such powerful chemicals as puberty assaults them that it causes them to be less than logical until about the age of 21, it also provides a certain vibrancy and passion that this world literally can’t