Italian Picnic Sandwich

Reading Time: 2 minutes

It’s spring!

Time for a picnic!

This sandwich won’t need refrigerating because despite it’s tastiness (and it is tasty) there is no mayo or dreamwhip to force you to keep it cold!

Trust me… this sandwich is easy and its very good. Try it, even if you aren’t going on a picnic!

First buy this:

Ingredients are: a good, fresh loaf of bread, nice cheese (I used sliced Havarti), some nice mild olive oil, tomatoes (I used the little yellow ones, tasty, but not as pretty as the big red ones), pickled mild peppers, black olives (pitted and drained and sliced), meat (I used a good salami sliced thin and a sandwich pepperoni).

Slice the bread!

Next apply ample olive oil on both sides:

Next add the vegetables, meat, and cheese.

Next, put those two pieces of bread together, smash the sandwich down just a little and prepare it for serving.

If you are taking it on a picnic, wrap it in some nice butcher paper and ti