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Trees of Waller County – the American Sycamore

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I notice trees mostly in the winter.

Every winter I am  positively enamored by this one’s beauty.

See it?

The white sentinel, right there at the edge of the water? I am enamored by what this tree says about it’s surroundings, because it’s a water tree.

You will always find it near a creek or on the bank of river. It’s an indicator plant.
That is not to say you won’t find it planted lovingly in someone’s front yard. You will.

But it’s natural habitat is near the water.

In the summer it has huge beautiful, full green leaves.

But in the winter… oh my… it’s lovely leaves brown and drop to the ground, exposing its long graceful branches, upright towards the sky and it’s bark stark white against the gray of winter all around it.

Take a closer look…

More than any other tree, when the sycamore grows, shedding its bark it flakes off in great irregular masses. It dons its winter coat,  mottled and whitewashed, trunks and limbs soaring into the cold skies.

The American Sycamore, found throughout the southeastern United States… look for it, along the creeks as you drive this winter and marvel at it’s beauty.

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