Marraige Advice from an Old Married Woman

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Let me tell you why, right here at the beginning of 2011, I have decided it’s time for me to provide you with marital advice, especially advice that you didn’t ask me to give you.  It’s because on December 28th, 2010, I was married for 36 years: to the same man. (I make this disclosure, because back at the 25th mark, I was asked if the sum of my years of marriage were all to the same individual.)

Married 36 years means that I have been married over 1 ½ times more than I was single. It means that my life experiences involved trying to share a life with a member of the opposite sex way more than ones that involve more singular pursuits. It means that I have eaten, slept, made love, had sex, shared gaseous emissions, and bore three children with the same man, in our household for36 years. I have argued silently with him, I have wondered who the heck he was, and spent a good third of the time trying to make him into someone I thought he should be. We have gone on vacations that were miserable and vacations that were memorable. We have looked at other people and wondered if we would be happier with them.

We’ve been through the harrowing moments of potty training, multi