Three Christmas Wishes: Stockings, Dolls and Boots – Part 2

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Part 2 – Dolls

I was never good at playing with dolls.

Mostly I didn’t get it.

It’s possible that it wasn’t so much the dolls as it was the imagination that you had to employ.

I couldn’t get from the plastic or hard rubber and sort of creepy-eyed baby facsimile to the pretense that it was crying or wetting or whatever else little girls were supposed to imagine their dolls were doing.

It seemed awkward and silly to cradle them.

Seriously, I couldn’t imagine the whole scenario.

I thought I had the problem solved when I asked for a Chatty Kathy doll. She had a plastic ring attached to a string, that when you pulled it the length from the back of her neck, she said things. Talking has always made sense to me.

I don’t remember what she said now. Maybe she asked me if I was her mommy. I am sure I didn’t respond.

I spent about an hour, pulling her string, looking at her weird baby doll hair and set her to the side.

I tried once more and asked for a Barbie. In my house, you had to be careful about falling into the trap of doing something just because it was the fad thing to do. Thank