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Green Oil… or maybe red

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I love to go to other countries and discover new foods.

I had pumpkin soup in Austria on Friday.

It was delicious.

Because my plane was late last night, very late, I didn’t have time to make cookies, so for just this week, I am going to tell you about what made that pumpkin soup SO delicious…

Pumpkin seed oil.


Good for you.

It’s a European Union Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) product, for Heaven’s sake!

It’s a spec-ee-ality of southern Austria.

And here is the really cool thing. It’s got optical properties… oh yeah..

The oil appears green in thin layer (like when it’s drizzeled daintly on your soup and red in thick layer, like when it’s in a bottle.

Such optical phenomenon is called dichromatism.

And only a few oils can do it…

Got a recipe I’m going to try.. will let you know.. but brought the oil back from Austria.

YOu come by my house this holiday, I just might make you try it…

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