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These Ain’t No Poopy Eggs

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They came out of PF and L’s chickens, they’ve been laying for about a month now.

I raised these chicks when they weren’t more than a ball of fluff and they don’t have no hormones, they are happy, and they free range a lot.

They don’t have no sal-mo-nella. I promise.

Here’s how I know.

First sal-mo-nella comes from the in-tes-tines (the cloaca, the poop shoot..sorry, not to be gross… but eggs and poops come from the same place in chickens. You gotta know that to get this story straight.)

We get them every day, right after the hens lay. We wipe them clean and keep them cool.

These things work because those sal-mo-nella can wiggle their way into the shells of the egg. Right through. I am not kidding. They got flagella. And they are tinier then the pores you can’t see all over the egg shell. Seriously.

They are mo-tile (rhymes with mo-bile).

And then if you keep them warm, those one or two tiny, microscopic sal-mo-nella multiply that get in through the pours, about every 20 minutes till their are a 100 of them, inside the shell, just swimming around with those dern flagella.

100 sal-mo-nella tiny bodies, in an egg, is just about how many it will take you to the toilet, frequently.

I have plenty of eggs, sal-mo-nella free eggs out here at PFand L, but in case you have to buy yours from the store…

Cook em through and keep your fingers out of the raw cookie dough.

I’m just sayin’.

That or buy buy a lot of toilet paper.
(That’d be sort of the least of your worries.)

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