Easy Casserole #1 – Beef and Macaroni Bake

Reading Time: 3 minutes

To start off September’s easy dinner meals, let me introduce you to the first casserole. Guaranteed tasty, a hit with kids and teenagers and it’s a no-fail recipe!

First you need these ingredients:

I used Ziti pasta, but you can use anything. Make it curly or shells if you want to entice a picky eater.

Get your pasta started. REMEMBER salt that H20! See how much I have in my hand, and I added a bit more!

Make sure you stir that pasta, to keep it from sticking, both to the pan and to each other. I like my pasta a little bit chewy, al dente, if you want to sound I-talian…

Meanwhile cut up one small onion. Do not be afraid.

Cut up one small (or more if you like) clove of garlic. If you don’t have fresh, use 1/2 tsp of garlic powder. But, hey, be brave, buy some fresh, and see how good it is! (Good for you too!)