Fish Kill

Reading Time: 3 minutes

The lake was an eerie green week before last.

All that cow poop, as those black Angus mommas stood in it 24/7 to try and stay cool in a south Texas heat has produced a vast amount of fertilizer.

Within two weeks of hot summer sun and more cow poop, we had a massive algae bloom.

We moved the cows to the back pasture, where a non-stocked pond could water them, but not fast enough.

We thought about aerating the lake artificially, but not soon enough.

As the algae covered the lake, sunlight couldn’t get in.

Bacteria sitting on the bottom of the lake couldn’t do their magic. The kind of magic where inside their one called selves, little tiny miraculous, molecular machines captured electrons from sunlight sending them zinging around with so much high energy that controlled splitting of water inside their tiny little selves made it possible for them to take the H out of the H20 and use it to.. well keep on doing what they like to do.

We like ‘em to keep doing what they do, because in all that zinging and splitting and taking out the H’s, they are busy pooping out O’s.

Life in the lake counts on this. It might be bacteria waste product, but to everything else, its life.

Once that algae bloom covered the pond and the hundreds of fish