Fear the Worst

Reading Time: < 1 minute

“I gotta go, she said, walking away and getting into her car. She had her eyes fixed on the road as she drove away, and didn’t see me wave. Sydney Blake did not come home that night. Or the next night. Or the night after that. “
Her dad, Tim Blake, sells cars in Milford, Connecticut. His ex-wife has moved in with another man, a rich car dealer with several cars on his lot whose registrations might not hold up to close scrutiny. At 17, Sydney is staying with her dad for the summer. She never returned from work that day and her dad fears the worst. Syd had gotten herself hired at the front desk of the Just Inn Time hotel. As Tim retraces his daughter’s steps, he discovers that no one at the hotel has ever heard of her! This dad is no Bruce Willis or Liam Neeson trying to find/save his daughter. He’s just an ordinary guy caught in extraordinary circumstances, making plenty of mistakes, but never giving up. Because of the many plot twists, I hesitate to mention any details so as not to give anything away. It’s a simple, good ol’ page-turning thriller.