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This guy has stolen my heart. Really. I first met him about 6 months ago. He came riding up to the fence on his bicycle, that separates his Grandaddy’s property from our farm. I am a sucker for a long-sleeved cowboyshirt tucked into jeans. His collar was buttoned up, it was a quite warm day, and I still don’t know how an 8 year old could keep a shirt tucked in as he climbed the fence to give me a hand.

Garrett is what he told me his name was, not a boistrous kid, and he sat with me in the dirt while we fixed the weedeater I was working on.

He’s smart, I thought to myself, as without much talking, he watched what I was doing. A fine bead of sweat glistened above his thin upper lip and I watched him as he tried coiling the new string into the weedeater.

“Garrett”, Grandaddy Gene called. “Come on back over here. Your momma is ready to go.”

“Can I come back?” he asked me.

“Year, Garret, you’re a good helper”.

“I like you,” he said.

“I like you too,” I said with a smile.

Gene later told me about his grandson. How they almost lost him. Deep inside every cell of that cowboy’s body are little factories that make energy, and his are messed up. “He’s g