Who I Am, Part 2

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Maybe it’s because I drive so much, but lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about cars. The one I am currently driving has become something I never intended. Among the things it does, like carry rocks and fertilizer, fresh tomatoes, and the occasional bag of fat head minnows, it is also the only vehicle I have that will allow me to transport my dogs back and forth to the farm. Two labs, one mutt, and a goat or two thrown in and maybe you have some idea about what the back hold of my Honda CRV looks like.

Here’s the thing. I love dogs. And while I love dogs and have the softest part of my heart for those furry companions, I don’t do dog kisses but most of all I don’t do dog hair. Or at least I used to never do dog hair, until I started transporting them back and forth to the farm.  (I may not do dog hair, but I do dog contentment and let me tell you, those hounds of mine love the freedom of farm life. I have no choice but to indulge them.)

Since, I don’t trend towards not shedding dogs, which I personally believe is a perpetuated myth by dog owners who just want to believe their dog doesn’t shed, there is an additional problem that seems to trend in every male dog I have ever owned. They stink.

Stink might