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If you’ve been perusing the summer selections of the Pineknot Farm bookmobile looking for a good book to read, you might have ignored  the one set  in Georgia at the turn of last century,  disregarded the one set in contemporary Botswana, Africa or skipped the one regarding the charming, English countryside  veterinarian  prior to WW2. However, you really don’t want to pass over this next selection. David Baldacci usually writes books filled with intrigue and suspense, but not so with Wish You Well.  It’s 1940 and Louisa Mae Cardinal’s 12 year old life has changed forever in a single, terrifying moment. Lou and her little brother Oz are transported from New York City to the mountains of Virginia to live with their beloved father’s grandmother.   They’ll encounter strong, remarkable  folk on that mountain such as red headed Jimmy Skinner –otherwise known as Diamond because his head is that hard, Cotton Longfellow, Hell No, and Miss Louisa. “Nearest phone on down the mountain in Tremont….Don’t have that electricity thing neither, but I hear they right fine.”  There’s a struggle for justice and survival and the stalwart, great-grandmother, Miss Louisa, is just the right woman to help them with it. Really, you want to read this one.

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