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Silent Bob’s Canned Tomatoes

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If you go out to the farm right now, at the very back, behind the house, and then behind the barn, you will find a garden. It’s right next to the turkey pen, in a space just big enough to park two cars. There, soft, friable sandy loam from years of overgrowth and then decay, made a rich bed of earth worm filled dirt ready for someone to clear and then plant.

The first year we cleared and planted and what vegetables we got were thick skinned. I made really crunchy (like maybe not in a good way) pickles and we scratched our heads over what was wrong. And the weeds took over only shortly after we got that first harvest of cucumbers.

Turns out that all that decay has made our soil kinda acidy and to rectify the situation we added some lime. And then we added a bit more. That and then early this spring, Silent Bob took a whole weekend of backaching labor pulling all the weeds out, from their roots.

And don’t you know, Silent Bob (with a little help from God) grew the most beautiful tomoates I have ever seen.

I will be canning this week. Putting all that luscious homemade taste into jars that we can remember when we make soup this winter. If I happen to invite you over for a little farm repast.. you should come…

Thanks, my Silent Bob. I love you … and your tomatoes.

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