Who I Am

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I have never been much into cars. This is clearly all on account of my Dad, no question about it. He thought one of the best ways to teach humility, (in his mind, a very necessary attribute if you wanted to be close to God,) was to drive really crappy cars.

The first car I ever had and mind you, I HAD a car, my own, at 16, was a Plymouth Valiant. It had a pushbutton transmission. I repeat this fact because it was oft repeated to me. Dad’s mantra that “it has a pushbutton transmission, Janet” was certainly reiterated to reinforce the fact that although the car was quite crappy in reality, there was a specialness to it that I could appreciate while I was gaining humility. Uh huh. The car also had to be forked to get it started.

You might not know how to fork a car. You could call it screwdrive a car if you want. I will explain the transition in tool use presently. Something was wrong with the starter of the Valiant. I can only guess that is the reason that it was no longer the family car when I turned 16 and inherited it. Dad was very preci