Read Line Four

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“I am going to have to renew my driver’s license. I want you to take me,” says my tiny, feisty, soon to be 78 year old mother.

We look at each other.

“If I don’t pass the eye test and they don’t give me my driver’s license, then I am going to just drive without one.”


We found out about 3 months ago, that a yellow thick cataract covers her left eye. Realizing now she is so totally the reason I fit into the I-am-a-hypochondriac-that-won’t-go-to-the-doctor category, she has expressed the fear that should she ever arrive on the operating table, it will be her direct entry into Heaven’s pearly gates.

However, she clearly is not able to see. Out of that left eye at least. It’s difficult to tell whether her driving acumen is tethered to that defect because she also is deaf, or almost nearly completely so. Surprisingly not being able to hear is a detriment to driving as well, although TXDOT has not recognized such. Horn warnings from other drivers can be informative.