Start a Baby Blog!

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Baby books are out, blogging is in! Blog about every single event in your child’s life, no matter how big or small. There are many benefits to blogging:

  1. All your memories are housed in one location
  2. It is so much easier than scrapbooking
  3. You can instantly share photos and milestones with your friends and family
  4. You can upload videos
  5. Your friends and family that don’t live nearby feel like they are a part of your little ones life
  6. It is easy, fun and free

To start a blog pick a platform (such as, sign up, pick a pre-design template (or for the more savvy create one of your own), share the address with family and friends (you may want to make the site private) and blog, blog, blog! Don’t worry if your child is no longer a newborn, you can start at anytime, or you can even back date entries if you like. Once you start, there is no looking back, you will begin writing more than you ever thought possible…and  you will be so happy you did!