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Strange the things you don’t know… like where in the heck do ladybugs go when they aren’t eating the aphids off your summer plants and garden? (Coccinellidae is their, um serious, scientific name.) Seriously, where do they go? I am not even sure I wondered about that until I realized that hundreds of them were at our farm for the winter, in very strange places.
Still, not moving much, they lined up in the door well of Jake’s F450. Down in the woodpile, nestled among the cracks and crannies made by layered logs, their little round bodies lay. Most often on the south side…

At first I thought they were dead. And then I looked it up on Wikipedia.

Yeah, just like bears, they hibernate. Well, okay, maybe not just like bears, but you get the idea. Waiting patiently, hungrily for the spring sun to make days a little longer and those pesky little aphids and scales to come for lunch, there they wait, amid ice and snow and cold.

See?! They are like little self sufficient tanks… ladybug tanks…

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